Hardcore & Softcore lets you sculpt your own waveforms and export them as single cycle wavetables, compatible with any capable device.

Specifically made for, but not exclusive to, Elektron Digitakt, Rytm, Monomachine and Octatrack. Available for free on Mac & PC.


Softcore lets you make soft and fluffy waveforms using additive synthesis. This very old but effective method sums harmonic partials together, each partial being an integer multiple of the fundamental, which theoretically can be used to replicate any timbre if given enough partials. Softcore is limited to 16 partials, which is an easy to grasp amount with enough versatility to generate a wide variety of different timbres.


Hardcore focuses more on sharper waveforms using mathematical functions. By mixing two oscillators through various waveshaper functions, it is possible to make complex and intricate waveforms, from sounding analog to harshly digital.